Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Who doesn't want more money?

Well, we certainly could use a little more!

We've successfully paid off TWO more credit cards for #53 on my list!! Which brings our total cards paid off to 6 out of 11 which means we're half way there!!!!!

I get more and more excited every time we pay one off. Thanks to Steve's new found painting work and the State of VA we've paid off both of our CareCredit cards.

Yes, we have 2 of them. Why do we have 2? Funny story. 2 years ago Steve wanted to get Lasik. Everyone else was doing it so he joined the club! (I kid I kid, he really wanted it and it just so happened that 2 other people we knew got it done that same summer). Well, we went and had the cosultation and found out it was a LOT of money. We hadn't really saved for it, we knew we'd do it but they were having some special so we wanted to take advantage of that. Well, we definitely needed the financing, which really didn't turn out to be that bad since it was 0% interest for 2 years (we're beating that mark by 2 months!). As it turns out, you can't use the financing and take advantage of their deals. That sucked big time. But by the time we found this out Steve was so excited and they had an opening at the end of the week or it was like a month or so away. I really didn't want to open ANOTHER card, but that face of his is just to hard to say no to. (I've learned how to say no to credit now though).

Well, we decided to apply for the financing and we used Steve's name with me as the co-signer so we could get his credit history built up and whatnot. As it turns out, we didn't get enough. UGH! I called the place and was like WTF guys. I asked if we could just use me as the main signer, but they said it doesn't work that way. However, I could go ahead and sign up for my own. Awesome. At this point we only needed like another $1,500 in credit so I was like ok whatever I'll never hear the end of it if we don't, so we did. We ended up with WAY more than we needed, but we got what we needed. Steve got his Lasik done and loves every second of it.

In the end it was probably the best investment we've made as far as our credit cards have gone since we actually remember what this one was for haha. I am certainly glad that we got them both paid off before the accured interest hit us.

And now on to the next card...

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  1. Congrats!!! We've paid off (2) of Bruno's cards, and that always feels AWESOME. Unfortunately, my main cc will take FOREVER to pay off, but once that happens, you know I will be celebrating like crazy!