Serving Six

I decided that I wanted to make a page for all of these posts. This way they're kind of all in one place - well links back to them anyway - and they'll be in order. Which is how I want you to read if you're reading. I think it's important to read the beginning parts in the order that they happened. If you haven't read this before I hope you enjoy it. And maybe take something from it. If you're going through something similar I hope this can help you in some way. It's really helping me. And this is something I thought I'd carry with me forever, and in a sense I definitely will, but not in the negative way I once thought.

Serving Six: The Reason.

Serving Six: The Background.

Serving Six: The Beginning.

Serving Six: What's Next.

Serving Six: Visiting.

Serving Six: Court.

Serving Six: Sentencing.

Serving Six: Dreams.

Serving Six: Eighteen Months.

Serving Six: Prison Visits.