Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Blizzard of 2009.

Our street Sunday morning. December 21, 2009.

This blizzard made me think of the blizzard of 96. Although, in 1996 I was in school and it gave us about a week off school and that was awesome. In 2009 it was not as fun; I am an adult now and still had to work. Although I did work from home Monday because the plow still hadn’t come and I couldn’t get out of the driveway.

It started to snow Friday night and through all of Saturday. We were stuck inside Saturday because they didn’t plow our roads at all and it was pretty nasty outside. Plus there was like 2 feet of snow (or 2 feet of global warming…).

We mostly stayed inside, but we did go out and shovel the driveway and brush off the cars mid-day so that when it finally stopped snowing we wouldn’t have so much to remove. That actually turned out to be a bad idea since everything kind of iced over and it made it way more difficult to shovel on Sunday.

Ready for sledding!

Saturday night Steve, Mel, and I decided we wanted to go sledding. We found sleds in the garage (which was an awesome find!) and we headed outside. To the front steps. We have 9 steps out front and those came in really handy because they made an awesome “hill”. That and the snow was flat all the way from the sidewalk to the street so we had a long “runway” of sorts to sled down. We packed down the snow on the steps and made a sledding path out into the lawn.

Our sledding hill!

Mel was super brave and was surfing down the hill. I tried but fear overcame and I didn’t really stand up all the way and I only did it once. She got really good at it. Steve tried it, but I think he ended up falling. Steve and I aren’t all that coordinated.

We let the dogs out to play and they loved it. We shoveled them a path so they could get around, but not get away and they had fun. We also brought them down the “hill” on the sleds. I think they could have gone without that, but they didn’t freak out or anything. I think the playing in the snow and acting like children was the best part of the blizzard. The shoveling and having snow everywhere and being stuck inside was the not so fun part.

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