Sunday, March 14, 2010

Beautiful progress on a dreary day.

So we braved the rainy weather and took a drive out to our house to check on the progress. We've got cement! woo!

And a small moat running around our house. Ha. Wonder what that's going to do to the construction schedule?! Hm.

And this is our small row (of 4) townhouses.

We got thwarted by the rain so we didn't get a shot of the two of us and our newly cemented walls. That and the fact that someone was moving in around the corner and their truck came down the street and so we had to move and we decided we'd stood out in the rain long enough. Either way, we're excited for progress!

here you can tell the driveway will be on the left side of the house (see the cutout?) so that means I'm standing in our front yard!

Until next week :) (cause you know this will be a weekly thing don't ya?!)

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