Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy birthday little brother!

This is from our visit in January.

Today my little brother turns 24. This will be the 3rd birthday he’s spent behind bars. And he’ll spend 2 more there. It’s really hard. Hard for him because he’s all alone, and hard for us because we can’t be there with him on his birthday.

Sunday, Steve and I went to visit him for his birthday. We had a really good visit and spent about 3 hours there. He ate through $20 and left the visiting room stuffed which is always good. We could have stayed longer but we were all running out of things to say and George wanted to get outside to get in a workout before the day was over and we wanted to make it to the house before the office closed just in case they had the house locked up. My parents will go this coming weekend to see him which he is really excited about. 2 visits that close together?! Awesome.

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