Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wiring. Insulation. Drywall. We've got lots of progress lately!

and I've been terribly busy and unable to really update. But there are tons of photos on Facebook. So many that I've started a 2nd album to get us through to the end of the construction on the house. Here's a few pictures of what's been going on over the last 2 weeks.

These are from April 11th. Our wires! Woo!

Smoke detectors!!

Hello wiring!

The plumbing in front of our house. And yes, they moved that one pipe so it's not right under our front stoop.


These are from April 13th during our pre-drywall meeting!

Dad checking everything out.

Hello insulation!

And these are from April 18th. DRYWALL!!! Sweet!

Living room!

Kitchen. That wall, with all the plugs (holes) will be where our appliances are.


In our room!

One of the guest rooms!

So there you have it folks. This is what's been happening at our house the last couple weeks. I'm really curious to see what they've gotten done this week and if we'll actually be able to get into the house. They said they were going to lock it up once they got paint on the walls but I don't know if they've gotten that far yet.

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