Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's actually tomorrow!!

SETTLEMENT!!! We're actually closing finally. I never thought it would get here. And just in the nick of time for our tax credit.


I can't believe it.

and I think I might puke.

From the nerves. Because we're going to own a home. And that's a huge investment. And a lot of responsibility. Well, I guess you could totally neglect it but I'm way to OCD for something like that haha.

I'm all happy dance/ball of nerves right now. I think it'll really hit me when we move all of our stuff in next week. Thankfully the movers had a spot on the 30th which is awesome because we're leaving on July 1st for 12 days. Yeah you read that right, move then vacation all in 24 hours. Fun times. Good thing I'm super organized and I can pack for vacation out of the boxes that are all packed for the move.

Is it tomorrow yet?

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