Friday, October 15, 2010

Lost a lot of hair last weekend...

And sadly I was not able to donate it because of my perm. Which really sucks since it was so long and I’m pretty sure I could have made a donation to Locks of Love. Well, most the perm is gone and I’ll be growing it out to donate it to Locks of Love.

Anyway, I lost a LOT of hair this weekend. I went from mid-back to shoulder. It is also the first real hair cut I have gotten since 2008. And even then, I didn’t go all drastic because we were just cutting it to have it nice and layered and easy to work with to do my hair for our wedding and it was still pretty long. So I guess maybe the last time I really cut it way short was 2007 or so. Either way? That’s a long time to go with only getting trims here and there. Also? The perm is gone. For now. It’s probably never going to be really gone from my life because I love it so much. And it is so easy. But for now it was just time to let it go and revert back to my straight hair. I don’t have a great before picture. I asked Steve to take one before we left and he said “hang on I’ll do it in a minute” and so I “hung on” but before I knew it we were at the Walmart and I was like “oh man you didn’t take my picture” and he’s all “here I’ll do it now” and I’m all “not in the middle of Walmart you aren’t!” So yeah, I have no before picture from that day but I do have plenty of before pictures.

I did manage to snag a picture of ALL THE HAIR that donned the floor after my cut.

And that sent a lump straight into my throat as I suddenly missed my long hair with no way of getting it back but waiting for it to grow. I do like my new hair cut. It’s short, but pretty much the same as if it were long. Straight and layered. Like usual. But I do miss the length. When I run my hands through my hair I feel like there should be more. I’ll get used to there not being more, but for now, after 3-ish years of long ass hair it is weird.

This hair cut, like so many others, was not traumatic and I was pleased with it from the get-go. Which is unusual for me. Because I do not like getting my hair cut. At all. And I never, ever like it right after it’s done. And in high school I would take “hair cut days” because I was so mortified about how horrible it looked. (mind you that I got my hair cut the exact same way every single time I got it cut so it wasn’t like I went all drastic. It was the same. Just shorter. I’m retarded. I know.) Anyway, so for weeks. WEEKS. I have been going back and forth about getting my hair cut. Chopped. I looked on the internet for pictures. Though I was not even fooling myself because I knew what I’d say even with a picture. I like this but really want it more…um frame my face, shoulder length, with layers. So basically? Nothing like the picture I’ve just shown you. See it now? Like this. But shorter. But here’s that picture again just so we’re clear. Steve was VERY excited by the picture. He’s not known me to get my hair cut enough so he didn’t know that he should expect the picture. So Friday afternoon I finally said ok let’s do this. And we went. Without time for me to second guess or put it off. We left the house within the hour or so. Long enough for me to almost vomit from nerves, but not long enough for me to change my mind. And we brought our friend. So I couldn’t go all chicken shit. Though I almost did. (no lie, I really almost did on the way there ha).

We decided to use the salon in our Wal-Mart. Yes, you read that right. IN our Wal-Mart. Who knew? Anyway. That definitely did have something to do with my nerves. Because hello? The Wal-Mart salon. Fishy. But our neighbor/friends did it and they both looked fine and got exactly what they wanted so how bad could it be. And it was Friday which meant I had the entire weekend to freak out about my hair and be perfectly fine by Monday for work. We walked in and the people looked normal. They had styled hair so I figured this would be ok. There was no wait (bonus cause I hate waiting). And my stylist got right to work. We talked. Here’s my picture. Basically what I’ve got but shorter. Do you want this or this like it is in this picture? Nope. That’s a general idea, but not exactly what I want. This picture? Had bangs. Side-y bangs. Long ones. But still bangs. I got rid of those bitches YEARS ago and like hell I’m bringing them back. Steve was unaware of this and apparently that was his greatest disappointment because after I was all done he did say “um, I thought you were supposed to get bangs.” Yeah. Never going to happen. But? I do like my hair. So that’s all that matters because it is on my head and I am the one that has to live with it.

Anyway, here’s my fancy new do! Short right? I know. I told you I lost a lot of hair.

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