Wednesday, December 1, 2010

30 Days About Me: Day 22 — A website

A website. A website I love? Hate? Find really informative? What? This is a rather broad title. So I guess I'll just wing it...

One of my favorite websites has brought me a large group of wonderful girlfriends. Most of whom I have never met and a lot of them I won't get the chance to meet even though I'd love to. When we were planning our wedding I joined a message board on The Knot for our wedding month (April 08). That's where I met these girls, and honestly I had no idea how much they would become apart of my life and how much I'd grow to love them. After we got married some of the girls dropped off, but most of us hung around. The Know sent us over to The Nest where we hung for a couple years. Recently, we made the switch to a private board which we love so much more. But we're all mostly still around. There have been some girls gone over the years - some come and go - but there is this core group that has hung on since the beginning. I've pretty much known them since about 2006. That's a long time. They have been there with me and for me through a lot - my brother, my grandmother's death, my uncle's cancer and ultimate death, and other random things along the way. We've rejoiced for each other. Said prayers for each other and our loved one's during really rough times. We've laughed and cried for each other. I really and truly couldn't imagine a greater group of women. When something good - or bad - happens I run to them. Like I said, I will probably never meet them all but I would definitely love to.