Thursday, December 2, 2010

30 Days About Me: Day 23 — What I would find in your bag

Um…everything I can fit in there. Really. I’ve always been known for my big bags full of stuff. Need tweezers, nail clippers, a cuticle clipper, nail file, pen, paper, deodorant, lotion, a mirror, a brush, chapstick (duh!)….anything random that most people probably don’t carry around. I’ve probably got it. I also carry my wallet, packed full of stuff, but hardly ever cash. I have sunglasses (or my regular glasses if I’m outside and it’s sunny). My cell phone – personal and work. A charger for my iPhone. Sometimes even for my Blackberry. I have an iPod and earbuds. My keys (which also have chapstick on them…). I’ve also got eye drops, a Vicks inhaler for when my nose is stuffy, medicine (usually Tylenol or Advil), and some cuticle cream (don’t ask…I don’t even know). I’ve got not 1 but 2 thumb drives. Receipts. Lighters. There’s candy in there, right now, but probably not for long. Sometimes I carry my camera, but it depends on where I’m going. And there is always a water bottle. Not just any one – my pink one. But that’s only if I’m out. At work it’s on my desk and in the car it’s in the cup holder and at home it’s attached to my hip haha. Nothing super exciting, but all definitely useful. And it’s all in there because I use it.

When I go out though I tone down my bag. I’ll carry the basics. Chapstick (duh!) Money (in some form). My phone (just one though, no need to do work at the bar!). My camera. And lotion.

Ask me why I don’t just carry those few things on a regular basis.

It’s simple. I just can’t. Because I’d totally need something – or multiple things – that I didn’t have and then I’d be annoyed. Like the one time I didn’t put any lotion in my going out bag, and I needed it (I forgot, it wasn’t on purpose that I didn’t bring it). So we stopped at a gas station and I bought some. Actually, I bought soap because I can’t read labels apparently. But I was pretty annoyed when I got in the car, on the road, nowhere near water, and used the lotion that turned out to be soap.

Basically it boils down to I’m kind of a pack rat. I clean out my purse often (of those pesky receipts and random pieces of paper) but the basic essentials are there to stay. And sometimes I luck out and find that at one point I DID have some cash that I stuck somewhere in my bag and it’s like winning the lotto. I mean, one of those scratch offs that net you like a dollar or two, but it’s totally awesome finding money in your purse!


  1. I love this post! Cause I'm there as well, I must just shove receipts in every possible nook and cranny of my purse. Then when I start to clean out my purse, I'm amazed by what I have bought since last time I cleaned it out. Did I really go to Chipolte 3 times? Did I but 8 packs of gum?

  2. I do the same thing with receipts! And sometimes I can't even remember buying whatever is on them