Thursday, December 9, 2010

30 Days About Me: Day 27 — 15 interesting facts about yourself

I’m not really as interesting as you might think. But 15 interesting facts about goes nothing.

1 – I lived in Loudoun County for 27 years.

2 – We bought our first house and we’re now living 2 counties over. I was scared at first, but now? Best decision we’ve ever made. And now I doubt I’ll ever move back to the place I said I’d never leave.

3 – My husband and I graduated from the same high school. We were not friends. Not even close. Total opposite of friends really. And yet now we are married.

4 – I joined a message board when we were planning our wedding. I still talk to those girls and have met 2 of them. We even do a Christmas present exchange each year. I really don’t know what I’d do without them.

5 – I’m Catholic and my husband is Jewish. We celebrate both holidays. It makes the holidays so much easier when we’re not trying to figure out who’s house to go to for what and when and to get the timing just right. We still have that problem with Thanksgiving, but I can live with it one day out of the year. My husband wants to start doing a holiday. Any holiday. He doesn’t care. I don’t want any part of hosting any holiday at our house.

6 – I’m directionally challenged. I can’t get anywhere without my GPS. And sometimes even then I get lost. It’s really best if I let someone else drive.

7 – I do not find myself very interesting. And this is harder than I thought it would be.

8 – I recently chopped off all of my hair (ok, a lot but not quite all) and went straight. I have regret. I miss my perm and my long hair.

9 – I very much dislike the snow. (And it snowed on my birthday, which is bullshit.) Did I mention I’m living in a place that gets more snow than my last place? No? Well it does. And the fact that I drive over a MOUNTAIN to get to work? No? Well I do. And I’m a retard because that COMPLETELY escaped me when we signed for our house and waited out the long SNOWY winter for the house to be built. Yup. I’m bright. Also? I think winter should be banned. Like it should just stop existing.

10 – I cannot keep a secret. I have to tell at least one person and my go to person is Steve. Because he can keep a secret and after I tell one person I feel better and not like I’m going to explode with secret. So basically, if you tell me a secret it’s safe with Steve.

11 – I really like to clean. And organize. But sometimes I am lazy. So really I like to clean and organize if I am in the mood. If I am not in the mood? Well, there’s always tomorrow.

12 – Christmas is my favorite time of year. And not just because I get presents (I love presents). But because I love buying things for other people and seeing their faces when they open up a great gift. I hate Christmas music though. Thank you retail.

13 – I can drive a stick shift. Not well, but I can. I tell people I can’t so they don’t ask me to.

14 – I really enjoy baking. Cooking not so much (though I do it). But baking? That is the stuff.

15 – I love naps. Wish I still got a nap time.

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