Friday, January 7, 2011

Photo 365 : Day 5 and 6

Day 5.

Desk toys I've collected through the years. I finally got around to bringing them to work. My favorite? Napoleon. If you push his button he says random things from the movie. He's awesome. The people at work love him. Then my easy button. But I use that sarcastically at work. It's funnier when people don't get it haha. With the exception of the little turtle thing and the little pink thing that happens to be a car and the little guy sitting on the blue chair in the back everything else is squishy stress-ball-ish. Which is so helpful in my work environment. I have lots more stuff on the walls of my cube, but that's for another day :)

Day 6.

This one is really hard to tell and I kind of feel bad posting such a shitty quality picture. But apparently not bad enough because I still did it huh? Anyway, this is actually an old cemetery. From the looks of it, it's pretty old. Old enough that the road that once went in to it doesn't actually go in anymore. Or that the road was once dirt and now it doesn't look like road anymore. Anyway, the reason I'm posting this is because this is in the town I grew up. And lived. For 27 years. This is on a corner near-ish to my office. It's on the road that takes me from work to the mall/wal-mart/shopping and that's how I frequently spend my lunch breaks. Seriously. I take this road A LOT. And this was the first time I've ever seen this thing. I was sitting at the light and looked over. Like I do a lot. Waiting for the light to change. And there it was. I was like what the hell. I fumbled with my phone to snap a picture but I wasn't quick enough cause the light had changed and I was about to be honked at. So on my way back to the office I remembered to snap a picture, except I was moving, and there were cars behind me so I couldn't very well slow down to get a good picture. So this is what I got for today. A blurry view of a cemetery I have passed a million times and never knew existed.