Thursday, February 10, 2011

Photo 365: 34-40

Are you surprised I'm so far behind? You shouldn't be. I've been so busy at work lately that I just come home and collapse in front of mindless TV. At least I'm remembering to take at least one picture every day. Speaking of they are....

Day 34.

Pretty sky on my way home. It was even a gorgeous day. First we'd had in a while.

Day 35.

Buddy helping my dad open his birthday presents. It's really cute, but really annoying because he thinks it's ok to do this and get in to bags all the time. Thanks mom and dad! What a great trick ;)

Day 36.

My sweet, sleepy boy.

Day 37.

Another beautiful day in the neighborhood. Literally. This is my neighborhood ha ;)

Day 38.

Waiting for Daddy to come home.

Day 39.
Ended up having to take a new way home the other day. Traffic. Made it a 2 hour ride home. Not cool....but beautiful, country scenes.

Day 40.
The only nice thing about getting to work as the sun is rising is that sometimes the sunrise is really pretty.

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