Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Photo 365: 41-47

I've decided to do weekly photo posts. Which is basically what I've been doing because I just don't have time to post every night. So I'll be posting my Photo 365 posts on Thursdays or Fridays from now on. Here's this weeks photos...

Day 41

First really pretty day in a long time.

Day 42

Happy birthday, father in law.

Day 43

Gorgeous weekend day. Spring might really be coming.

Day 44

Valentines day hibachi dinner. YUM!

Day 45

My drive home is so pretty.

Day 46

Cuddle time :)

Day 47

The moon and the clouds looked really cool. And the cell phone has a pretty decent zoom.


  1. Your camera takes great pictures! I really like the one over your house!

  2. funny thing is it isn't even my nice camera, it's just my iPhone camera but it does take some nice pictures :)