Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Photo 365: Day 25-31

I got really far behind with this thing. But only with posting, not with taking. We went away this weekend and I even brought my computer so I could catch up with this and write a couple other blog posts....and I didn't. Not even a little. I barely even got on the thing. But that's cause I was so busy having fun! I'll write about our trip later this week. Maybe tonight since I might be snowed/iced in at my parents.


Day 25.

Steve hurt his knee a couple weeks ago. And he's been BEGGING to use the stupid scooter at the stores ever since. I said no. The neighbors said no. He wasn't going to embarrass us with this thing. Until we went to Wal-Mart and the people at the car place made me let him use it. He almost RAN OVER a child (and in to countless other people). He's a terrible scooter driver.

Day 26.

We had a thundersnow last week. It was crazy. We got A LOT of snow really fast. When I got home from work we did a little playing in the snow. The neighbor made a snow angel.

Day 27.

On the road to New York.

Day 28.

Best breakfast ever. Everything bagel, cream cheese, lox, tomato, and onion.

Day 29.

Definitely delicious. If you're ever in Massapequa you have to stop there (cash only, we always forget, thank goodness for mother-in-laws!!)

Day 30.

Driving around I saw this Post Office. My mom made my Nana an entire scrapbook of Post Office pictures. It was a long running joke from one time when Nana went to see my Aunt and got a little lost and had to stop at a Post Office for directions. So whenever I see them I think of Nana. This one though? Not actually a Post Office. It's a Cafe! We didn't eat there, but I think we might next time.

Day 31.

Monday I picked Buddy up from work. I'd dropped him off Wednesday and I'd been missing my puppy!! He likes to stand on my center console and look out the window...but not for long, because it's an hour drive home so he sleeps for a good 45 minutes of the drive haha.

And on that note this closes out January. WHAT?! It's February today. How crazy is that. This year is moving that's for sure!

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