Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Our storage closet.

I figured I wouldn't leave you in suspense on the storage closet. That and I can be kind of forgetful so I figured I'd better get to writing about it now or I might not remember I was supposed to.

Steve ended up coming home early on Saturday to help my dad out with the closet. I told him he didn't have to because dad wasn't expecting him to be there, but it was rainy that morning so he decided this is where he needed to be.

Dad got to our house around 10 Saturday morning. And they pretty much began right away. They moved the last little bits of stuff (dresser, glass pieces, extra flooring) out of their way and got to work.

I'm not entirely sure what's happening here. I believe they were marking the wood for the studs and jacks, but I tried to stay as far out of the way as possible.

More measuring and stuff....

And before I knew it I had a framed storage closet!

It should be big enough for me to put shelves on all sides of the closet with enough space for me to walk around in it. AWESOME!

And there will be light! Which I never thought of, but it totally makes sense haha. And I'm glad that no one got shocked in the wiring of this closet because that's been known to happen to my dad a time or two and I'm not ready to hear those stories about my accident prone husband ;)

Drywall up! They were moving and grooving on this closet that's for sure!
(and yeah...we're going to do the other side with drywall when we finish the rest of the room haha)

End of day one. They didn't get finished Saturday so dad would be coming back again Sunday to finish up. I was already ready to put stuff in it so they could work on the rest of the basement!

Sunday morning dad showed up bright and early Sunday morning. A whole hour before we thought he was going to and we were definitely still in bed but luckily for us we have a keypad on the garage so dad could let himself in. They only had a little bit more work to do so the day went pretty quickly and they were done fairly early which was really nice because it gave us the rest of the day to run errands and relax!!

All done! From the outside.

I was trying to get a picture of the whole inside from the doorway but it just wasn't working for me.

It's so big!! Which is great cause I've got so much stuff!

Buddy checking out the closet....and being really happy the nail gun was done making so.much.noise.

Buddy loves his grandpa.

Even though I definitely wasn't expecting to do this project last weekend I am really happy that they actually got it done. And I'm glad someone lite a fire under my ass to go through some of those boxes and throw some of the crap away and organize the mess of boxes we had going on down there. I'm also really excited to have a place to store my holiday decorations when I'm not using them; to unpack some of the things that I use semi-often but don't have room in another area of the house for; and to hide all of Steve's electronic crap that we just have to keep in case we need it one day (hint: we will never need it. we have not needed it in oh I donno three freaking years. and yes, baby, I know you're reading this :P ) And this will also bring us one step closer to having a fully finished house and maybe one day a fully unpacked house (ha. haha. hahahahahaha. yeah I know. it's hilarious that I think I'm actually never going to have boxes in my house.)

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