Thursday, March 17, 2011

Photo 365: Day 68-74

Hey everyone! I hope everyone had a good week. The end of my week last week was SUPER busy and required me one morning to get up at 4. Sad dad. Our weekend was nice and relaxing. Just what I needed. And this week at work has returned to normal which is wonderful. I'm really looking forward to this weekend coming up because we get to see my brother!!! SO EXCITED!!! It's been since Christmas since I've seen him and we're WAY overdue for a visit that is for sure.

Anyway, here's my week in pictures:

Day 68

This is what I had to set my alarm for Thursday night to get up Friday morning. Horrible.
(oh and I drove to work Friday listening to the after midnight show. Not even the morning show. I basically left at night according to the radio.)

Day 69

3 hour nap Friday afternoon. Then dinner with the neighbors. Then drinking games with shots. All good for turning a crappy day into a fantastic night :)

Day 70

Saturday afternoon the neighbors and I took the dogs down to the field. Then we decided to follow the creek and ended up on a beautiful hike. It was a great way to spend the gorgeous afternoon!

Day 71

This is definitely from Saturday, but I really love this picture of Buddy. He loves going on walks like that, but really didn't and never has wanted anything to do with actually getting in to the water.

Day 72

Another pretty day. Hanging outside with my pups. Though he would rather be doing anything but getting his picture taken at this moment haha.

Day 73

Sorry about this being such a crappy picture but it's the only one I took this day. I took it to remind myself to tell my mom about this song. It's a new song, and as soon as I heard about half of it I knew she'd love it. Which reminds me...I still need to tell her about it haha

Day 74

We were at Lowe's looking at patio stuff because we're going to be doing our patio this weekend and I wandered off to look at flowers while the hubs and the neighbors debated on something that I didn't even care about because we'd already picked out our patio. So once Steve cared that I wasn't anywhere around he came to look for me and found me picking out flowers. Sad news? All of my first choice flowers needed morning sun only and we get full sun. BUT I did find Azaleas and I love those so we went with those. And then we got soil because we'd need it since our ground is really mostly rocks (you can kinda see the pile of rocks that we dug out of the ground). I'm glad I had enough soil to kind of cover the entire area. I need to get another bag so I can finish it up but I can't wait to see my plants bloom!

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