Thursday, March 24, 2011

Photo 365: Day 75-81

Clearly I did not get around to posting a Serving Six post yesterday. And you got 3 photo posts in a row. I promise. I do have things to write about. Like the patio we built this weekend. And how I redid our front garden. And how I went to see my brother on Sunday. And....that's about it haha. I just have been busy doing all that stuff to write. Usually Steve goes bowling on Tuesdays and I catch up on my blogs while he's gone, but this week he didn't go and we planted our asses on the couch and watched some TiVo. And it was awesome. And much needed and well deserved after all the hard work we did this weekend.

And now my week in pictures.

Day 75

The dirt we had to dig up before. That later on we decided we could have just left as is and built a raised patio. Which we totally would have been doing if we had found a rock in our yard as big as the neighbors.

Day 76

Framed out patio. All we need now is sand and pavers.

Day 77

Buddy spent pretty much all weekend outside. He really enjoyed the neighbors old stairs as a place to sit. And lay. And watch us do work.

Day 78

My parents came out Sunday to help us out. This took a LOT longer than we'd planned and we were going to visit my brother so my dad came out and totally rocked out laying the pavers for us!

Day 79

Patio! We worked really hard on this bad boy. And on the neighbors. I can't wait to enjoy it once the weather really warms up.

Day 80

Did some work in the garden. These rocks came from the really gigantic rock we dug out of the neighbors yard when we were digging for our patios this weekend. I had enough to do this (2 layers, btw) and there are still plenty more! It was a huge rock!

Day 81

Cheating on Lent. I feel guilty. But this was amazing so it's worth it. Plus, Lent is only 40 days and there are 47 days between Ash Wednesday and Easter so I feel like I get 7 cheat days. And I took one. Because Packs is open for the season. I'm really glad there's only 26 more days until Easter because I feel really guilty when I cheat. And honestly, this is the first year I've ever taken these cheat days.

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