Monday, April 25, 2011

Photo 365: Day 107 - 113

Hi all! I hope you all had a fantastic week! We had Passover dinner with the in-laws on Tuesday and that was nice. There was matzo ball soup. I was in Heaven. Thursday was my brother's birthday which are always hard days for me because he's inside & alone on his special day - but we're 5 down, 1 to go so that's a definite plus! Friday night Steve and I went out with some friends - we started the evening at Glory Day's with a couple drinks & a shot! Then we headed to another bar for a fantastic 80's cover band! I definitely had a work-out on that dance floor. Saturday was more of a low key day - Steve had baseball & I basically did nothing & it was awesome. Sunday we went to my Aunt's for Easter with the family. Overall it was a great week for us!

Day 107

Take me home. Country roads.

Day 108

I dropped Buddy off at the in-laws on Tuesday morning because we were having Passover dinner Tuesday night (and we live 1 hour from them, but work 10 minutes down the road from them) and these little guys were hanging out in the street.

Day 109

Gorgeous drive home. I love it.

Day 110

More pretty flowers! I love that each little section of flowers has something different :)

Day 111

The beginning of an amazing night. White sangria & pineapple upside down cake shot. Then 80's cover band. Fun times were definitely had.

Day 112

We cleaned out Steve's car & Buddy sat in it the entire time. Making sure that if we left he did too.

Day 113

Happy Easter :)


  1. Love your shot of day 109. That cloud is awesome!

  2. Thanks! The cloud looks so comfy that I just wanted to lay down with it instead of drive home haha