Thursday, May 19, 2011

Celebrating 3 years

We celebrated our 3rd Anniversary in April (yeah I know. it was over a month ago. I've never been the most "on time" person) so we went out to dinner to this little Italian restaurant in town called Castiglia's. It was a pretty good restaurant - it's a little family owned place which was much nicer than dinner at some chain because it was quieter and a little more special for an anniversary dinner :)

Our service was pretty slow which was kind of annoying and I'm not actually sure that the guy that waited on us was actually a waiter. Even though I was constantly wanting more drink it did give us plenty of time to just sit and talk and enjoy each other's company.

We started dinner off with some calamari. It was really good.

And then I got basically a shrimp parmigiana & they serve theirs with pasta on the side. After filling up on calamari I wasn't able to finish this but it did make a yummy lunch the next day too!

The food was really good and I'm IN LOVE with their sauce. I'll be going back just to get something with that sauce.

I woke up to a really pretty bouquet of roses on our kitchen island. They made a nice addition to our sun room for quite a few weeks :)

And then he got me tickets to the Apple Blossom Wine Festival for me and the girls!

I got Steve the new Tiger Woods video game for his gift. We're not traditional anniversary gift people so we basically just get whatever we feel the other one would really enjoy because what's the point of a gift if you don't enjoy every bit of it!

We had a fantastic anniversary & I'm looking forward to many more anniversaries with my baby :)

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