Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My poor neglected blog

Oh my poor neglected blog. I miss you. I really do. Life with a baby is busy. Wonderfully busy. And then I went back to work and didn’t get any less busy. Especially since I spend my evenings snuggling my sweet bundle of joy since I miss her all day. I could blog on the weekends, but there is more snuggling and playing (more on my part than on hers, but she laughs the cutest laugh so I won’t be giving up play time any time soon). I could blog at nap time, but let’s be real about how much I love my naps and how she naps hard core so I get an amazing nap (or 2!) every Saturday and Sunday. I think my goal for 2013 should be to be less lazy because it’s not like she has terrible sleep habits (bed by 9:30 and if we’re lucky she’s out until 4-5, but even if she wakes during the night she eats and is right back out). I have some things I really want to post – for posterity – and some letters to my girl, because I wrote my weekly pregnancy posts and I really want to write her monthly letters about what she’s doing because I just know I will forget all these cute little things she does years down the line. I just need some balance in my life. I need to figure out how to do it all without giving up what I really want. It’s a struggle, but I’ll figure it out in time. Until then, just know I’m happy, healthy, and loving on the sweetest little girl there ever was.

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