Friday, January 16, 2009

#7 - Write my brother and #29 Take my vitamins

#7 - Write my brother
So, I decided to get right down to this list of mine. I wrote my brother this morning. I never write him because I always think I have nothing to say since nothing really happens in my oh so boring life, but then I put pen to paper and just like in real life I can't shut up! I always feel bad that I don't write him, I mean the letters and phone calls are his only regular contact with the outside world. He's so good at writing me and I love it. I am generally on cloud 9 when I get a letter from him. I like to think he gets equally as excited when he receives a letter from me. We visit as often as possible, but its so very hard because its 4 hours away and we have to stay overnight so it can be expensive. Plus, we turn it into a roadtrip and I end up doing some shopping along the way :)

But I'm very excited about the letter I wrote today. It was only 3 pages which is kind of short for me because I'm so chatty. I also had my thumb drive with me today and I remembered that I have some pictures on there so I printed off 6 pictures for him to have. One was a picture of Steve and I at our wedding, another was a picture of our puppy, Buddy and his favorite toy - his squeeky ball, another a picture of our parents dog, Jingles, that we had to put to sleep while George has been incarcerated. I know he misses her. George was really upset when he realized that she wouldn't be there when he gets out. I mean, we didn't think she would live as long as she did but its a hard realization to know that your beloved pet won't be home when you can finally come home.

I also included 2 pictures of George and some of his friends that I had and didn't realize. I'm sure he'll like those. These friends are boys he went to school with, and joined the military with another. They were like brothers. They've all grown up now and two of them even have babies of their own! I know he misses his friends a lot so I'm hoping they bring him so joy.

The last picture was of George and myself with our Grandma (our father's mother) that passed away 12 years ago this month. I think he'll enjoy seeing her. I know I always do when I find a picture of her. That and I look ridiculous in it. We were young, but leggings were in style and MAN did I have on the BEST pair of leggings, with a matching shirt and vest. I was looking good I tell you what!

#29 - Take my vitamins once a day
On another note, I totally failed at #29 so far. Take my vitamins once a day. I completely forgot it was an item and so far I have not done it. I will begin tonight so that I only missed 2 days out of 1001. Which I suppose isn't that bad :)

Now, what's next on the list....

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