Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cha cha cha changes....

Ok, so I made a few changes to my list. Some of them were great goals they were just a little to much to start out with. Like #29 – the Vitamins thing. Apparently I can not remember to take them Surprised? You shouldn’t be. So I changed that to a more manageable goal because the point of this list, for me, is to accomplish things and form good habits (well, some of them are intended to form good habits!). I just started, how can I seriously give up on these goals because they were a little to hard. I simply can not. So I'm adapting...

So, my changes are as follows.

#29 Take my vitamins once a day for one month twice.
The object here is to form a habit of taking them. Obviously since I’ve taken them ONCE in the entire month of January I will not reach my goal of taking them every day. So, I’ll start smaller in hopes of forming a habit. If this doesn’t work, then it’s a fail.

#30 Do 50 sit ups a day for one month twice.
Ok, I’m only changing this one because I might have possibly just a little bit forgot this was a goal. So now that I remember, I intend to start this goal next month because although I am a skinny minny my tummy is a little flabbier than I would like…

#35 Make a meal once a month
I don’t think I’m always going to want to try a new recipe. Plus, there are some recipes that I make that are awesome but don’t qualify as new. And I don’t get a lot of kitchen time at the in laws between Steve and Pete I was lucky to get in there once this month ha!

Also, I have decided to blog about some things monthly instead of every day. I can’t always update this blog daily so the things like #46 learn one new word a day and #98 find something positive in each day will be monthly blogs instead of daily. Plus, that’s a LOT of blogs. Although, if something warrants an individual blog then by all means it will get one!

I do have some updates about progress on my list but that requires another blog :)

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