Friday, February 27, 2009

#41 - Twilight Series

I finally finished the third Twilight book, Eclipse, on 02.21.09. And boy was it good. I started Breaking Dawn as soon as I put Eclipse down. I'm not quite done with that one but I'm pretty close. I think these are really good books and I'm glad I "broke down" and actually read them. I think after these books are done I'm going to watch the movie.

I'm finding that I have the same love for these books as I do the books in the Harry Potter series. I really should have known I was going to enjoy Twilight because I didn't want to read HP at first and ended up loving it. I even finsihed a HP book in 1 day.

After these books I'm going to dive in to #45 - Read 5 books from Time's all time 100 Novel's list. I've been trying to decide which book I want to read first, and I think its going to be a hard decision. I'll probably end up reading more than 5 since I do have until 2011 to finish my 101 list and for the simple fact that I am always reading something :)

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