Friday, February 27, 2009

#25 - Get an eye exam and #26 - Get new glasses

I have seriously been neglecting my eyes recently. I didn't get my annual eye exam in 2008 because it was due right around the time of the wedding and I might have been just a little to busy with life to get an eye exam. Recently though I have noticed that my glasses just weren't doing it for me and things weren't as clear as I knew they should and could be.

I decided earlier this week to take today off for a much needed break and I scheduled myself an eye exam. Unfortunately, my regular eye doctor doesn't take my new insurance but I found out that the Lens Crafters eye doctors do. I also found out that Lens Crafters takes my eye insurance and I got an awesome discount on my glasses.

Since I was getting such a fantastic discount I decided to splurge a little and get a pair of sunglasses. I got polorized lenses and the sunglasses, and all the fancy no scratch no glare bells and whistles for my regular glasses. I spent more than I expected, but I also got those sunglasses I wasn't expecting to. While my glasses were being made Steve and I had lunch at the food court and walked around to kill some time. We went back to get my glasses and they only had the sunglasses. It turns out that when they opened the lenses for my regular glasses that there were 2 left lenses instead of a right and a left. Ha! So, I'll be getting my new glasses some tme new week and I am stoked!! I wore my fancy new sunglasses home because the eye doctor dialated my eyes and even though it was overcast and barely sunny I needed them and it was so amazing to have those polorized lenses - I'm glad I spent the extra on those :)

I want to post some pictures of me in my new glasses, but that will have to wait until next week... so until then have fun!

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