Friday, February 6, 2009

#91 and #98

Two for one! And two blogs in a day! Go me!!

These are for the month of January. I decided to do these two items in a monthly blog because otherwise I'd have a LOT of blogs and I'd probably forget to blog about them.

#91 Write Down Something I am Grateful for Each Month.

I am grateful that I started this 101 list. I think it will be a great adventure and it will really help me in so many ways.

To be more organized in my life, to really make the time to spend time with my family instead of putting it off and never actually doing it, to finish those pesky projects I've been meaning to finish but just haven't, to get healthy and stay that way, to start cooking and trying new things, to make time for learning, to make progress money-wise, to actually get out and go do things, buy things for myself that I want but have such a hard time justifying, to have fun, to do things for others and most importantly to do some stuff for me.

I think I have already come a great ways in this list and I'm glad I started it off right. I'm thankful that I have the support of my wonderful husband and that he's excited for me to do this too.

#98 Find Something Positive in Each Day
14th - I'm really excited to start my list and have the support from my husband and friends.
15th - One day closer to the weekend!
16th - 3 day weekend!
17th - Its awesome that my dog listens and can go outside without running away!
18th - Max is home!
19th - Steve and Margot made it home from GA safely.
20th - President Obama!! YES WE CAN!!
21st - I'm glad the inauguration weekend is over so that all these people that came here will go home!
22nd - Morgan's having a boy!!
23rd - Pay day!
24th - Spending the day with my husband :)
25th - Being able to spend the whole day on the couch.
26th - It is positive taht I have a job while so many, including Steve, do not.
27th 0 I'm thankful for my family and how they are willing to come get me from work - 25 miles away - in the snow if I get to nervous about driving in the snow!
28th - Steve is so good to wake up early when he doesn't have to and clean off my car
29th - No snow today!!!
30th - Great night out with friends!
31st - Awesome night in with the hubs :)

I am really glad I decided to add these two items to my 101 list. It really has me taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture in life. I feel better. I feel happier. I hope you enjoy my positive list :)

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