Friday, February 27, 2009

A date with my husband

So, this is a little late but I finally had time to update my blog. I've got a few things to write about today.

For Valentines day Steven and I went out on a date (#1 - Go on a date once a month). We haven't been going out much lately because we're trying to pay off our credit cards, but we decided to splurge a little. It was nice. We had lunch at Longhorn which is always a favorite of mine. I had a cajun chicken salad which was awesome and Steve had a blue cheese burger which he said was awesome. Couple those with an amazing appetizer and we were stuffed. I really wanted dessert, but I just didn't make it.

After lunch we went on a few errands...romantic right? We thought so. Either way we had an awesome day together. We went and bought a few movies - even one from from #86, Goodfellas to be exact. We were going to spend the day accomplishing things from my list, but after running around all day we didn't quite get to watching the movie. But at least now we own it, and I'm sure we'll watch it eventually.

and we even took our February picture (#3 - Take a good picture of us each month) :)

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