Monday, February 9, 2009

#8 - Visit Nana

Nana was born February 8, 1929.

This Sunday she turned 80. She is a fabulous, amazing, funny, and just plain awesome woman. 80 years old. That is something.

My FIL was making the comparison that as of tomorrow (his birthday) he will only be 38 years closer to 100 and if you think about it when you're 62 - 38 isn't that long. So, thinking of it that way Nana only has 20 more years until she turns 100 and I'm pretty sure she could do it if she really wanted to. (she might be where I get my stubborness from...)

It was really great to see her for her birthday, and Steven and I even picked her up to take her to my Aunt's house for her party. We were the first ones to see her and tell her Happy Birthday on her 80th birthday and she was really excited about that :) My aunt and uncle, their kids and spouses, and their son's kid; my parents and steve and I; and my dads sisters and husband; and my aunts friend came to celebrate the big day! And boy was it. George even called!! Nana was thrilled to talk to him. We were all sad that he wasn't there, but at least we get to talk to him!

Me, Nana, Mom

Steve and Nana
All the girls
Mom, Me, Nana, Tracey, and Judi

Happy birthday Nana. I love you.

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  1. I share my birthday with your grandma!! How cool!!!