Sunday, March 8, 2009

February Things

February turned out to be a good month for my list. I got lots of things done and I'm very happy with them :) Between work and life I've been really busy so I'm going to make a short blog for a few things for Feb. I've got a couple that I'm going to do seperate but enjoy them all just the same :)

I wrote my brother an awesome letter (#7). And then, as usual, he called that night. I tried not to tell him what I had said in the letter but its pretty hard when you write down EVERYTHING like I do. So yeah, he's going to get a letter that he has heard some of the stories in but oh well at least he'll get mail and that will make his day. To him, mail is mail. Its love from home.

I played the lotto again this month (#85) and WON $26! I was in Giant and just decided to grab a few scratch off's out of the machine and I got 2. I won $25 on one of the tickets, and just a $1 on the other. I was 1 number away from having $500 on that big $1 winner though. Oh well, there's always next time...and really, I still won! :)

I cleaned out my car (#82). Its been pretty cold so I didn't spend that much time on it this month but its still clean. And my windows are so clean now its awesome. I don't know why but they are always filthy so its nice to be able to have them clean for a change!

Thats all for now....till next time!

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