Friday, April 3, 2009

#36 - Try something new each month

I do realize I already posted on this but I wanted to post pictures of what I tried. That and I tried something else new this month.

First, here's the nasty juice I tried early in the month which was nasty. I like Bolthouse juices and really thought that this would be good. That and I like blueberries. I was so wrong. So, so wrong. But I am glad that I tried it so that I can say for sure that I do not like it. Which is what this is really all about anyway.
The 2nd thing I tried this month was kind of an accident. I wasn't out to find something new to try to make up for the nasty juice that took up #36 for March. I was looking for grape juice because for some reason I REALLY wanted some. To the point that Steven asked if I was pregnant (which I am not) because it was almost like a craving, except I didn't make him run out and get it right then and there. A few days after that I was at the store and remembered that I wanted grape juice (I really almost forgot haha), but when I got to the grape juice I found this.

And I stood in the aisle (possibly talking outloud to myself...its hard to say) debating if I should just get regular grape juice or try this because it looked SO good. Its Black Cherry Concord Grape Juice by Welch's. And it is SO good. I'm really glad I tried it. I got home and immediately had a glass even though it was warm, and I will say that while it is better cold its good either way.

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