Thursday, April 30, 2009

#38 - Learn How to Make Stuffed French Toast

I love french toast and its even better when I can get it stuffed with some yummy goodness. I have always wanted to know how to make stuffed french toast, but never really got around to it. That's why I love this list because it really helps me to do the things I just never get around to.

I searched on the internet for a good recipe for stuffed french toast and came up with a couple. I wasn't really fond of any one recipe because some of the ingredients just weren't for me and some were harder than I thought this needed to be because for real, its just french toast after all. So I put the good parts (and the easy parts) of the recipes together and made my own and here it is -

Egg (I used 1 egg and could have made 2 pieces - 4 pieces of bread total)

Cream Cheese
your favorite kind of jelly (I used strawberry)


I mixed the cream cheese and jelly in a little bowl.

Mix all ingredients from the batter together in a separate bowl (big enough to put the bread in)

Dip ONE SIDE of a slice of bread in your batter and set on a plate

Spread stuffing onto the UN-DIPPED side of the bread

Dip ONE SIDE of the other slice of bread and put the UN-DIPPED side on top of the stuffing mixture

Put the bread in a hot skillet and cook to your liking.

The cream cheese and jelly was a little difficult to mix together really well and looked a little funny so I think next time I might actually soften the cream cheese for a bit instead of just taking it from the fridge and mixing it. It did melt some when it was cooking so that helped it blend together more.

Overall, I was really happy with the way it turned out and will definitely be trying more kinds of jelly (Raspberry is next!). It wasn't very time consuming, and will probably go a little faster now that I know what I want to do :)

Happy eating!

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