Thursday, April 30, 2009

#98 and # 91

#91 - Write Down Something I am Grateful for Once A Month

For April, I am grateful for a new opportunity at a new place. I am leaving my current job and moving on to another company. I learned a lot at my current job, but I have been very unhappy for a very long time. I scored myself an interview at the beginning of the month and have been offered and accepted a new position with a new company. I am SO excited about it. I don't start until May 4th, but for the last 1 1/2 weeks I have been on paid vacation because current job didn't want me to learn any more secrets. I don't really care, I didn't have to finish out my 2 weeks of misery and I got paid to stay home and relax. It was just what I needed before I start my new job.

#98 - Find something positive in each day
  1. Not being fooled (because it happens so easily)
  2. antibiotics to fight this sickness
  3. relaxing
  4. an awesome day in DC with Steve
  5. a beautiful day to spend outside
  6. an interesting email
  7. taxes done
  8. Happy Passover
  9. the start of anniversary weekend
  10. a beautiful bikeride through the mountains with my honey :)
  11. waterpark day!!!!
  12. 1 year of marriage
  13. a new job!!!
  14. 2 weeks left :)
  15. another interesting opportunity
  16. Happy Birthday Heather!
  17. a nice evening
  18. a new bike for a new adventure
  19. a long walk with Buddy
  20. the start of my last full week at DI
  21. Happy Birthday George H! I miss you!!
  22. the start of my paid vaction befor emy new job
  23. doing nothing all day long
  24. sushi dinner with my love
  25. a baby shower
  26. Steve's shoulder is ok
  27. running errands with my love
  28. clam sauce
  29. hanging out with an old friend
  30. a reorganized closet

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