Thursday, April 30, 2009

Other April Accomplishments

I didn't really want to make a blog for all of these things because there isn't much to say about each one except for the fact that I did it and maybe a sentence or two.

#15 - Scrapbook wedding
I started it a few weeks ago and ran out of pages in my scrapbook otherwise I would have finished it in the same day. What can I say, I was on a roll! That and the store was closed by the time I realized I needed more pages. I bought more pages but am having some trouble getting the pages in the book. I'm slightly retarded what can I say :P

#36 - Try a New Food Once a Month
This month it was Olives. I seriously had never had them and Steven convinced me to try them. Well, that will probably be the last time I listen to him cause they were NASTY. The worst part, we were out to eat and I made a horrible face. I wanted to spit it right out of my mouth, and had we been home I would have. He, of course, laughed at me. At least I can say for sure now that I don't like them!

#7 - Write my brother once a month
I love writing my brother and he loves getting mail from me. This month was really hard for me because we had Easter, our anniversary, and his birthday all without him. Its hard to celebrate things and be so happy while he's all alone in prison. Its been a long 3 years, and we've got 3 more to go. Sometimes I don't know if I'm going to make it but the phone calls and letters really help us both get through this awful time.

#88 - Donate unwanted clothes to charity every 6 months
Between Steven and I we could probably clothe an army of needy people so we like to do our part and help out with our gently worn clothes every few months. It isn't hard for us to come up with "gently worn" clothes because - especially for me - I have so many that they are usually always "like new." This month the National Children's Center got like 3 bags of clothes. The NCC provides a lifetime of opportunities for people with developmental disabilities. This was the first time we've donated to them, but they called first and for us its first come first serve because by the time someone else calls we'll have more stuff to donate.

#77 - Clean Out Closet Every 6 Months
It took me about 2 days to do so, but I got it done! AND I came up with our next donation so I hope someone calls soon!! Since we moved in with Steve's parents we are VERY limited on closet space (I went from 3 closets to 1 - YIKES!). I have a LOT of stuff in storage bins under the bed and in the closet so I needed to reorganize the closet from winter clothes to spring/summer clothes. Now, I didn't put all of my winter clothes away because I'm smarter than that, but I put a lot of the heavy sweaters and pants I wont be wearing again until winter away to make room for my warm weather clothes!!! I'm even more excited now for the warmth since my clothes are all in order :)

#83 - Take a Photo in a Photobooth
This was so fun and I'm going to be doing more of these! My friends Heather and Holly and I took a couple pictures and it was so fun being goofy in the photo booth!! Then I FINALLY (after 5 years of begging) got Steven in the booth so we took some too!! I'm trying to figure out how to use my scanner so I can get them scanned and posted, but there's a learning curve for me and my blonde hair :)

#40 - Learn how to use chopsticks
I have tried before, but never been successful. Steven and I and our friend Ray went out for Sushi one weekend and I was determined to eat with the chopsticks on the table instead of a fork. They were both so patient with my retarded self cause I kept crossing the chopsticks which rendered them useless. I was getting really frusterated really quickly so before our food came I went ahead and asked for a fork just in case. I was still determined not to use it, but the lettuce in the salad was definitely getting the best of me! I finally got the hang of it and didn't need that fork afterall! I felt so accomplished!!

So, as you can tell I've had kind of a busy month this month! But list busy is good as far as I am concerned :) I'm hoping to make every month very list fulfilling!

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