Friday, April 3, 2009

#98 - Find something positive in each day.

My daily positive thoughts for March -

1. shopping :)
2. a snow day (and an unintentional 4 day weekend!)
3. The start of a short week
4. new glasses!
5. hope for something better
6. TV time
7. learning how to fly a kite
8. a very clean car!!
9. no rain the day after I washed my car even though they called for it!
10. Idol (yeah, ok I'm a little bit of a nerd)
11. no bid!
12. a night out with old friends
13. a really clean house
14. a best friend
15. a new bar
16. a saved life
17. being Irish (Happy St. Patricks day!)
18. Doug came for a visit
19. a least I have a job...
20. movie night
21. TWILIGHT the movie!!!!! (ok, so I might be more than a little bit of a nerd...)
22. work less time than I thought on a Sunday
23. an extension to a quick turn
24. finishing a proposal a day early! awesome!!
25. a nap
26. getting a proposal out the door and going home early
27. dinner with friends
28. shopping with the hubs
29. a Sunday that isnt the end of the weekend
30. a new opportunity
31. a short work week

Stay positive!

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