Friday, April 3, 2009

I miss my brother.

I really, really do. I love hearing from him and I love seeing him even more. I hate that I've been so busy that I haven't been to see him in MONTHS. Seriously, last time I saw him and got one of those fabulous brother hugs that I miss so much was right before Christmas. It makes me wanna cry. Actually, sometimes it does makes me cry.

He doesn't write me all that much because they overcharge A LOT for stamps. But I love getting mail from him and I really do wish I got more, but I understand that he wants to spend what little money he gets on things like edible food because the food in there is less than stellar. That and they don't feed them lunch on the weekends because that's when people get visits so instead of not feeding the people that are visiting with their families, they just don't feed anyone. Its kind of sucky, but that's why he buys food from their "store" because sometimes he sleeps through breakfast.

Anyway, on to #7 - Write my brother once a month. As much as I love getting mail from him, I know he loves getting mail because between that and his phonecalls its his only connection to the outside world. He can watch TV (on the TV I sent him money for) but its not like they've got DirecTV hooked up in there or anything. I'm sure it makes him sad when they go through mail call and they don't call his name. It breaks my heart knowing that it happens, but he says its ok because it happens to everyone because its not like we can write every single day. I'm glad he understands that, but still I don't ever want him to think that we don't love him or something.

I wrote him a really awesome 2 page letter for March that I know he'll be really excited to get. There's not much exciting news in there - just a little day to day stuff and what's going on around us - but either way its love from home. I really wish I lived a more exciting life because I'd write him more but sometimes its hard to come up with lots to say when all I do is work since we're saving money to pay our debt down.

3 more years and he'll be home....I can't wait.

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