Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Birthday little brother

Happy Birthday George H!

This marks another birthday behind bars down, and only 3 more to go. I can't believe that the last birthday we got to celebrate with him was 20, and the next will be 27 (since he is released in June of 2012).
Days like today are especially hard for me. Birthdays and holidays are the kind of days that I have to try really hard not to cry the whole day. I love them, but it is so hard to have someone you love miss every special family moment. Moments we can't re-do once he gets out. We always get to talk to him, but he is really down on "family days" and its hard to hear his voice sound so sad and lonley. At least we're half way there. There are still 3 long years left, but we're a lot closer now than when we started.
The worst part, for me I think, is that the smile up there in that picture has seriously faded off his face. Even when we go see him its not the same smile. He's happy to see us, but the boy that left is not the man that is currently in prison. He's not the same person and quite frankly neither am I. I don't know who we'll be by the time this all ends, but I'm hopeful that we'll both be ok.
June 2012 can't come soon enough....
...I miss you George.

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