Saturday, October 17, 2009

#39 - Go Wine Tasting

So recently I have discovered that I actually enjoy the taste of wine. Not all wine, I do not like red wine, but white wine is pretty yummy. One of the things I had hoped to accomplish with this list is to go to a wine tasting. And I have successfully accomplished that.

Our friends band was having a show at Tarara Winery in August, which sadly was their last show, but I did get to experience a wine tasting. And boy was it good. We tasted a couple wines, and I'm not going to lie the last 2 were pretty damn hard to get through. I really enjoyed the first wine, which ended up being the wine we drank all night. I can't quite remember how many bottles we went through, but there were 4 or 5 of us sharing a bottle so we basically got a glass out of each bottle that was bought.

I really hope to go to more wine tastings, but now that its getting colder I doubt that will be happening. Perhaps next summer we'll make an attempt to hit up some wine tastings.

I intend to add pictures to this post, but for some reason the photos and the blog are not getting along so those will have to come later...

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