Wednesday, October 28, 2009

#67 - Go to a fair.

I did. And I had a blast. I felt like a kid again. Seriously, the sugary food, the games, the rides, everything. I love fairs and we never go. Ever. Its like the circus, I love it and we never go. I think I'm adding that to my list now.

Ashburn Village has their own little fair every year and I haven't been in years. This year we went. Friday and Saturday. Friday night Mel, Ray, Heather and I walked up there and Steve, Emily and Matt met us there later. Saturday Steve, Mel, Heather and I went up there and spent a good portion of the afternoon there. We rode ate some more sugary food and rode more rides. Until one of the rides did one of those little jimmy things you used to think was so awesome and made the ride that more fun. When you're an adult they are not fun, at all, not even for a second. That totally happened to us, on the ride that's a big circle and you go round and round and tilt and everything. Well, we were at the top totally facing the ground when it did that and I freaked the hell out. All I could picture was the ride coming off and rolling down the street. And, it was at the beginning and it wasn't all that short of a ride.

This is the death ride.

That part, not so awesome. But the rest, totally awesome.

Yup, we totally match. I got dressed first so basically he copied me.
(also, #3 - take a good picture of us each month)

Heather, Mel, Me, Ray.

Steve and Mel playing the game (Mel won, even though Steve kicked her to try to get her to lose. Yes, seriously kicked her. My husband is a slight child...although we all know I'd probably do the same thing if I was losing)

Heather and Mel on the Sizzler (my favorite - no jimmys or shakes or anything like that)

Deep fried Oreos. Or, a little piece of heaven in your mouth. If you haven't tried these things and you like Oreos try them. (and now I really want some of those little goodies....dang...)

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