Saturday, October 17, 2009

Little things

So there's a lot to catch up on here and these are just some of the little things I've accomplished.

#7 – Write George
I wrote George an awesome letter in July. A well overdue letter. We have been talking a lot lately so I haven’t had a whole lot to write about, but he loves getting letters. I sent him the articles from the paper that Steve was in (I love that you can print newspaper articles from the internet!!) I wish he could see the video but there was no way to send that. I also sent him a couple pictures which he loved. One, in particular, turned out to be perfect timing. I sent him a picture of Nana in the car she bought me. He loved it and I’m glad he has a recent picture of her.

I have slacked a little - ok a lot - with writing George lately. I wrote him in July but then August and September both came and went without a letter. Without love from home. The problem is I talked to him at least once a week so there really isn't a whole heck of a lot to talk about, but that's really no excuse I know. I'm really, really trying to get better about it.

I wrote my October letter because we had been really busy so even if he called I had plenty to say on the phone and in a letter. That and I was really hoping for a phone call so the sure fire way to trigger a call is to write a letter. I included some more pictures for him, which he always enjoys. Then, I decided to go ahead and send him some interesting articles from the internet that I had read lately. I collected so many I sent letters 4 days in a row! (they were too thick to send all at once without taking the chance that the letter would be returned to me). I also searched for some funny joke type stories to send him and I've collected several of those. I'm going to start sending those next week but I think he'll really enjoy those too! And this way he will (hopefully) hear his name every day for mail call which makes me happy.

#93 – Update resume every 6 months.
I don’t know that I will always have something to update my resume with, but I did and perfect timing too. I updated it with my new job information and some other things that I do not care to put in a blog for the world to read. I love my job so much that I don’t intend to leave for a while – unless of course they make me or I win the lotto – so I guess I’ll be updating it with promotions…should I get any.

#82 – Clean out car once a month
I took my Hyundai for its first bath in August. Yes, first. I know in August and I know I got it in June and that is so very much unlike me but I never got around to it. I like to hand wash cars, but after work its kind of late and we’ve been really busy on the weekends so I finally just ran it through the car wash. It looks so good. I didn’t have to clean out the inside because that is still really, really clean.

I also cleaned out my Toyota for the last time. That was sad. I have been putting it off for 2 months because I love that car and the thought of selling it made me so sad. The money made me happy, but the thought of giving my car to someone else was sad. I drove that car off the lot with TWO miles on it. 108,000 later it was time for a new home, but it was dirty inside and out so it needed a bath desperately. I took it to Suds and they do an AWESOME job. The car looked so good.

We finally did sell it in August and the buyers were really excited with the condition of it and how awesome it looked. I’m so happy that the people that bought it were really happy with it. I will miss that car, so many great memories – it took me through high school, college, and through the first part of my adult life. Trips to Canada, the beach, the lake, to work and back and still in great shape. If I could afford to insure, register, and pay taxes on 3 cars I would have, but I can’t so to a new, good home it went.

I haven't cleaned out the Hyundai since August because honestly it hasn't needed it. The outside could probably use a bath, but the inside in really clean. It helps that I don't really keep anything in there, we don't take many trips (and even if we do we don't smoke in the Hyundai so Steve never wants to take it anywhere) so basically its clean. I'm going to try to take it for a bath this month...but it has been raining a lot lately so the chances of that are slim.

#85 - Play the Lotto Once a Month
The lottery hates me right now. For some reason they do not want to give me money. I don’t get it. I bought a couple scratchers in July and they were both losers. In August I actually played pick 4 for the first time. I played Nana’s birthday and date of death. Both lost. Bummer. In September we bought some scratchers and they all lost. In October I went for more scratchers and again, losers. Seriously I don't expect to win big every time I play, but at least winning a couple dollars is nice. There’s always next month and hopefully that is the month that I hit big. There’s always hope right?

#53 - Pay off Credit Cards
So I might not be winning the lotto or anything, but I sure am paying off our credit cards! I recently paid off our Circuit City card! (well, its Best Buy now but whatever). That makes NINE cards since January. Hot damn! I am hoping that by the end of January we have all 10 cards paid off which will leave us with our personal loan. That will take a while, but I'll start throwing money at that as soon as we get everything else paid off and probably after we bulk up our savings for a bit. Either way, I love paying off credit cards but I know I will love it even more when I don't owe anyone anything! (well, except of course Ford and then any mortgage company we promise to pay for 30 or so years.....)

#18 - Back up Pictures
Yeah, ok another item on my slacking list. I was doing really well when I first started this list...but then I started slacking off. I don't really know what happened...I guess I just never really got around to backing up my pictures. So one day I finally sat down and backed up a TON of photos. I'm a freaking mad woman when it comes to my camera and pictures. I love pictures. Eventually I have to start scanning all my old photos...but that scares the bejesus out of me because there are so many. Either way, we're pretty much all backed up at this point which is nice. I have to invest in another external hard drive though because the one I currently have is all filled up...

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