Saturday, October 17, 2009

#1 – Go on a date with my husband.

I know I've been slacking on my blogging this summer. I've been busy. And I can't get to my blog at work and I used to blog on lunch so that's really putting a damper on how quickly I can update...which seeing as how I haven't really updated since July means I'm really slow at this. Ah well, anyway these are little summaries of our dates from July to October. Yeah, I'm behind I know.

July Steve and I had some very yummy sushi dinner. We ordered in which was a nice treat for us because we’ve been gone so long. It was nice to have a date with my husband in my living room while we watched TV. To me it’s not where we go or what we do it’s all about being together and enjoying that quality time.

Our date for August was a wonderful Potbelly lunch. I love Potbelly. We ate there and sat in a mostly empty restaurant talking about houses and when we thought we’d be able to buy one and what we thought we needed to do to get to that point. It was not a planned conversation, but thanks to an awesome flyer on the bulletin board it board we had it. It was nice to know we’re on the same page about stuff like that.

In September we had another sushi date. We love sushi what can I say?! After my uncle died I was having a really hard time and I worked from home for about a week. One day we decided that I really needed out of the house for a bit so we had a lunch date at our favorite little sushi restaurant. It was really awesome to get out of the house for a little bit and have some sense of normalcy. Plus a date with my wonderful husband is always good!

In October we decided, on a whim, to head out to dinner one friday night. Not sure where we were headed we kind of just drove in the direction of restaurants and figured we'd make up our mind as we got closer. We settled on Longhorns and it did not disapoint. We started our meal with some yummy margaritas and shrimp and lobster dip. Both very yummy. Steve had a bacon wrapped three cheese filet and I finally decided, after much debate, to enjoy some shrimp skewers. I am so glad I decided on those because they were delish!

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