Saturday, October 17, 2009

Summer of Baseball

It’s definitely been a summer of baseball. Lots and lots of baseball. I’ve definitely fulfilled my #2 – Go to at least 3 Mustangs games a month in season this summer.

July 16 - 19 the Mustangs traveled to Virginia Beach for a tournament. We got to spend 4 days in Virginia Beach and we had an awesome time. We stayed in Norfolk near downtown (I guess) and we were super close to the harbor which was awesome. Walking distance and there were restaurants and a really fun placed called Jillians (think Dave and Busters).

We went down Thursday night and met Melanie and Margot because we had to give them some stuff to give to Chris. We were looking for something to do and we asked at the front desk and they led us to Jillians. Awesome recommendation. We had a good time sitting around the bar and playing games. So fun! Friday they had a game at Christopher Newport University and it was HOT. Hotter than hot because it was at like noon. Fun, sweaty, times. Friday after the game we were waiting to see if we played again, we did not. Steve, Chris, and I went to lunch/dinner at Chilis and it was really good. Afterwards we went with the team to Jillians and had an awesome time. I rocked out some skee ball which totally took be back to my childhood. The kids had a great time. Afterwards we went back to the hotel and hung out. Saturday, more baseball. This time at William and Mary. FAR from the hotel, but at least both games were there. We won one and lost one on Saturday which took us out of the tournament. Some of the families went home, and some of us stayed. After Saturday’s game we had a group dinner at Outback and it was yummy. We didn’t do a whole lot Saturday night. Sunday we got up kind of early, headed to Chesapeake to see Mel and Chris’ new house, had breakfast and then headed home. Overall it was a fun weekend.

Steven also coached in the South East Regional Babe Ruth Tournament from July 23 - 28. Since we hosted the team we got a host team and Steve coached that. He was even in the paper and had a few online interviews. It was awesome. They placed 4th in the tournament overall and that was better than anyone expected the host team to do. We, of course, thought we were going all the way. Well, who wouldn’t right? The kids played really well together and the team did really well. It was a really busy week though because the tournament was all the way out in Purcellville so Steve was out there a lot. I managed to make it to a couple of games, but some of them were scheduled while I was at work. How rude right? I thought so. Before the tournament started we got to go to this open house type thing and we met a couple Negro League players. They spoke about when they played “way back when” and it was really cool to hear them speak. We even met the Mayor of Purcellville. No real claim to fame there, but still it was cool.

The last tournament of the summer was at Wake Forrest University July 31 – August 2. It was a showcase tournament which is really cool. There were scouts there from different colleges and one of the other coaches was a scout for the NY Mets. That was really neat. We were right down the street from the field which was really nice, because when we’re far I have to go with Steve 1 hour before the game starts and sit and bake in the hot ass sun for 3 hours to watch 1 game. I don’t do heat well, but this was nice cause I could get there a little closer to game time and not have to endure the heat so much. We ended up not playing on Sunday because of the weather which ended up being nice because that meant we could make the 6 hour treck home much sooner than planned.

I’m glad the season is over, although I will miss hanging out with the parents, kids, and other coaches. I am so excited to have my weekends back though. I can’t wait to see where we’re headed next summer. I’m hoping some cool places (and by cool I mean temperature cool because this summer was freaking hot!).

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