Sunday, July 26, 2009

#2 - Mustangs Baseball

The weekend of June 19 - 21st The Mustangs were in Richmond for a tournament. Friday night they played at the Richmond Braves Minor League Stadium and they also got to play at the University of Richmond. By far, the coolest was playing at the Braves stadium! Steve was SO excited. They actually got to play 3 games there. And one of our kids hit a home run! That was awesome.

We had a tough loss in our 2nd game on Sunday, but overall they took 4th in the tournament which was great! We had so much fun that weekend. Playing Friday night, only 1 game on Saturday afternoon, spending the afternoon in the pool and then bowling, and then 2 awesome games at the Braves stadium on Sunday. The kids had a blast and it is so awesome to see Steve share his incredible love of this game with the kids.

Here are some photos from the weekend.

I think this is the celebration of their big win!

The view from the upper deck. It was really cool to watch them play here.

I was very excited for them!!

The 3 incredible Mustangs coaches!
Steve, Adam, Greg (L - R)

Coaching at a Minor League Stadium = AWESOME!

The team.

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