Sunday, July 26, 2009

#8 and #66

#8 - Visit Nana more frequently and # 66 - Pick a Place within 2 Hours and Spend the Day there.

We did just that. Nana came up for a visit with my Aunt and they spent the weekend at my mother's house. On Friday after work Steve and I both went over there and had dinner. We hung out for a while and really just had an awesome time visiting with Nana and Aunt Judi.

On Saturday Nana, Mom, Aunt Judi, and I went to Boonsboro, Maryland the home of Nora Roberts. Nana was excited and I was just excited to spend the day with them. I'm not a huge Nora Roberts fan, but we were going to a book store, and to see some historic town in podunk Maryland so I was game. It was a hilarious trip. We got lost right off the bat. Mom's GPS was set to mute so when my Aunt was driving she was expecting it to talk to her so we basically missed our first turn. That started the trip off with laughs and the laughs kept coming!

Nana and I hung out in the back of the car making fun of mom and Judi because its pretty easy :)
And this is Nana and I hanging out in the back seat :)

After an interesting trip there, we finally made it. I was a little unsure for a while if we would get there and Nana was making jokes about how we'd make it there by way of Ghettysburg. That's right Pennsylvania. And there was a joke in there about Amish country. Nana was on a roll, and it was awesome. When we saw the sign for Boonsboro, Nana stated, very clearly, that we all had no faith and she knew we'd make it! That sent us all into a fit of laughter.

Here's a couple shots from our trip around town.

Nana, Mom, and Aunt Judi taking a rest on the bench.

Nana waiting for our next direction.

Mom gearing up to get some awesome pictures!

The Inn at Boonsboro. Nora Roberts B&B.
We were kinda dissapointed we couldn't go in, but Mom and Judi went and took some photos on the bench out front while Nana and I pretended we didn't know them. haha.

This store/restaurant made me laugh.

After we were finished in Boonsboro, we (read: mom and Judi) decided that we needed to head home by way of Harpers Ferry. West Virginia. Now, I'm no Georgraphy major but that really is NOT on the way home. Actually, it was past the turn we needed to make to head home. We had another terrible time getting there. Did you know there is ALSO a Harpers Ferry in Maryland? Yeah, neither did we but we found it. That didn't deter us from finding the West Virginia one. Not one bit. They bribed Nana and I with ice cream so we were patient with them. And, of course, we did make a few jokes at their expense back there in the back seat.

We did end up in Harpers Ferry WITH ice cream so it wasn't all bad haha. And heres some pictures from that part of our adventure.

Mom raced up this hill to get a picture of the train.

With a little bit of HF in the background.

Overall, we had an AWESOME day and I'm really glad I went.

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