Sunday, July 26, 2009

My poor, neglected blog

This summer has been VERY busy to say the least. I was just looking at the calendar and realized that there has not been ONE weekend since the middle of May that we haven't had something to do. Geez.

Not only has my blog been very neglected, but so had my 101 list. Its a shame. I haven't made a meal in like 2 months (ok, 3 if you count July because I do not see it happening). No letters to my brother (lots of calls though!), no dates...the list goes on that's for sure. I'm trying to make a decent effort to accomplish things, but the time is just not there.

Here are some recent ccomplishments that don't really need their own posts (these are for June and July).

#36 - Try a new food once a month
In June, I tried 2 new (kinds of) food. Vietnamese food and Indian food. The Vietnamese food was super yummy. I had a chicken and noodle dish of which the name escapes me, but it was amazing. Its definitely going to be something I get more of.

I also got to try Indian food. At a buffet. Now, me and buffets we're BFFs. Except when it comes to Indian. I do NOT like Indian food AT ALL. I was very disapointed to be at a buffet actually come out hungry.

In July, I tried some Chicken Laab. And it was awesome. When we order Thai food at work I pretty much stick with my Drunken Noodles or Pad Thai. Both very yummy. This girl at work ordered Chicken Laab the last time we got Thai and very graciously let me try hers. It was awesome. I'm now going to struggle with my orders when we get Thai food. But that's ok, because I'm expanding my tastebuds :)

In the way of Credit Cards for #53 we are doing awesome.

In June we paid of Best Buy and in July we paid off Macys! Both were huge reliefs. I mean, they really all are, but now we're down to 3. THREE. We only have to pay off THREE more cards. Its freaking awesome. I can't believe that in January we had 11 to pay off and we've already paid off 8. That's right folks, we've paid off EIGHT cards. I can not wait to have them all gone. I never thought we'd make this kind of progress but we are really kicking some credit card ass.

I think that's it for this post. I've got a few more to get to tonight. Happy reading :)

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