Saturday, June 13, 2009

So I bought a car.

and I freaking love it. LOVE IT. And Nana because she paid for it :)

This is my I'm excited I have a new car face :)

I got a Hyundai Tuscon and its just perfect. Its not too big so I don't feel overwhelmed in the car, and its just big enough that it will be able to haul lots of stuff! Steve is already excited we got it just in time for his summer tournaments. I'm not all that excited to have dirty baseball gear in my pretty new car haha. My favorite part? Heated seats. Oh yeah, that's right my seats will make my butt all nice and toasty in a matter of seconds if I want them to!

The front
those are the buttons (right above the cup holders) that turn on my seats :)

the radio and stuff

The inside front

looking through the car out the back

from the side

from the back

And that is the awesomeness that is my car! I am so, so, so happy with it. I will miss my Corolla because that car gave me a great 10 years, but its time for bigger and better things! :)

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