Saturday, June 13, 2009

# 53 - Pay off Credit Cards.

And this would be where the song "Another one bites the dust" is played.

We have paid off ANOTHER card. That makes our SEVENTH card paid off since January. I am so excited at the progress we've made this year and I can't wait till the end of the summer when all we have is the loan left because that's my hope and right now I'm not even close to giving up hope! I never thought we'd be so close (four more to go) to being done by June. I thought when Steve lost his job in January that it would be really hard for us to meet our goals and get what we wanted accomplished, but so far so good. He's been working with my dad and they even started their own business that happens to be doing really well. They're happy and my mom and I are happy cause they're bringing home the bacon :P

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