Saturday, June 13, 2009

#2 - Go to at least 3 Mustangs Games a month (in season)

Well, it is the season and so far I'm starting off well! Steven coaches a travel baseball league for high school kids and the weekend of June 5 - 7 we all took a trip to Boone, NC for the Impact Tournament at Appalachian State University. Steve was so very excited about coaching on a college field and the fact that all of the hard work that he's put in for the last year was coming together to play their first tournament. I couldn't and wouldn't have missed this for the world. It was a terribly long drive, but I left work early on the 5th and we got on the road about 4 because he had to do a few things before we left and we ended up at the hotel around 10:30 so not that bad, but I was definitely ready to get out of the car!

Saturday the Mustangs played 2 games - their first at Appalachian State on a beautiful field. Unfortunately for the Mustangs they lost that game. It was their first game they've ever played together because we had a LOT of rain that week and both their games got rained out so for never playing together they did really well but the team was really that good. The pitcher threw 91 miles per hour. Seriously, it was fast.

Their 2nd game on Saturday was at the local high school - not as nice of a field, but it was pretty good. The view from the field though was AMAZING. The view from this whole place was amazing because we were way up in the mountains. They also lost their 2nd game - boo. But by the end of it you were starting to see them become a team instead of kids that walked out on the field for the first time together that day.

The beautiful field at Appalachian State (all turf)

After the games on Saturday we went back to the hotel to relax for a bit and then we all headed to Golden Corral for dinner. I love that place because its all you can eat! We had a fun dinner with the kids and the coaches did some talking about the games/weekend and it was really nice. After that we were pretty much beat so we headed back to the hotel and really didn't do much of anything.

Sunday, we had 2 more games but these were at a poorly kept field about 40 minutes away from the hotel but closer to home (so nice for having to leave right from the field!). They won their first game on Sunday and that was very exciting for them!

Steve playing coach :)
We had about 2 hours in between games so we grabbed lunch from Ruby Tuesday's and it was just so nice to be inside in the AC! It was SO incredibly hot outside that even though I put on SPF 30 SEVERAL times (and I mean that I felt warm so I put on more no joke) I still got a little burnt. It was nuts. I do have a cute tan line on my feet though :P

After lunch we had another game but this time we lost. It was kind of a bummer to lose 3 out of 4 games this weekend, but it was really awesome for the kids because this was the weekend they became a team :)

Our gorgeous view for most of the ride home :)

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