Tuesday, December 8, 2009

#1 - A date with the hubs

We actually made it on 2 dates :)

First, we did a little shopping and lunch date. Those are always fun things to do. We didn’t do any kind of fancy lunch we just went to Wegmans because I had never been to eat before (blasphemy I know). I did not realize what I was missing! Seriously, I know it’s just a food buffet bar and you fill up plastic containers and its nothing super spectacular but the food was good and there was such a variety. I had a really hard time choosing what I wanted to eat and some of my food ended up touching which kind of stressed me out but I made sure to separate them as soon as we sat down (and we couldn’t sit down fast enough let me tell you! The shopping was fun – I got a couple pairs of shoes (BOGO baby and poor Steve couldn’t find a pair, darn!) but he made up for it with a video game. After lunch we hit up Target and did our shopping for normal everyday things. Not as fun as the shoes, but it was Target so I enjoyed it!

Our second date was even more awesome. Why you ask? Well, we saw NEW MOON!! I was SO excited to see it and with my super awesome hubby no less. The movie came out on Friday and we were in Lancaster, PA that night and NONE of our friends could be bothered to wait for me to get home (THE NEXT FREAKING DAY!) to go with me (and yes, I’m bitter about that). Steve being the wonderful husband he is, sat down with me as soon as we got home Saturday night and watched Twilight so he’d know what was going on so that he could come see New Moon with me so I wouldn’t have to go all by myself. We were going to go see it the Sunday, but we had a couple other things going on so we never actually made it. We ended up going the day after my birthday as a little belated birthday date. It was awesome. We had lunch at Johnny Rockets and then promptly hit the movie. Steve let me sleep in that day (ok, I was drunk the night before so I would have anyway) but he got up and purchased the movie tickets so that when I got up all I would have to do was get ready and go! It was super sweet and really made my day!

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