Tuesday, December 8, 2009

#36 – Try new foods

I am seriously proud of myself for all the food I am trying thanks to this list. I would have not tried half the stuff that I have over this (almost) year if it weren’t for this list. Because, let’s face it, I am not brave when it comes to food (heck my food can’t even touch!) so trying new stuff is a big step in the world of food for me.

This month was apparently all about trying new foods. I had empanadas and apple butter while we were in Lancaster. Empanadas in Lancaster, PA…Amish country…that’s right. We went to this huge awesome flea market and there was a cart selling food – we were starving (why we don’t know the place we had been before was giving out free samples of stuff and Steve and I ran around and ate everything we could plus lunch and a snack). So we got beef and cheese empanadas from a cart and they were freaking awesome. I had apple butter (which Steve say’s I’ve had before but I do not think so which is why it appears on this blog) at Plain and Fancy – a family style restaurant (talk about another food experience that freaked me the hell out). It was awesome. Seriously I have been missing out my whole life. Not that my parents eat it so I really have only been missing out for as long as I’ve been able to buy things for myself. I even bought some to bring home.

The pumpkin butter is kind of a funny story – well, I think so anyway. On Thanksgiving my mom asked me if I wanted some apple butter with dinner and of course I did. She pulled some out of the cupboard and I was super stoked. I ate it with dinner and thought it tasted different, but they’re all homemade so I chalked it up to a different recipe. I even checked out the ingredients and noticed that it had pumpkins in it but didn’t really pay much attention to the fact that nowhere on the ingredients did it say apple anything. After dinner when I was clearing the table I actually looked at the label and lo and behold it was pumpkin butter. Which, by the way, is equally as awesome as apple.

I also branched out and ate cranberry sauce (at both my parents and Steve’s parents – turns out I like whole cranberry sauce better not for anything more than it has whole cranberries in it). And also I ate sweet potatoes. I always take from this dish, but ONLY the marshmallows and I am very careful to seriously only get the marshmallows and none of the sweet potatoes. This year, I was brave and plopped a spoonful on my plate and um yeah I have been missing out forever. I even ate a 2nd helping at Steve’s parent’s house for dinner that night!

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