Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Other November Notables

I watched Grapes of Wrath (thus checking off another movie for #86 – Watch 10 of AFI’s top 100 movies that I haven’t seen). It was pretty good. It is definitely an old movie – black and white and very little special effects – but overall it was totally worth watching and it definitely belongs on the AFI list. I might even read the book now (although I’ve got about ½ dozen in my reading queue so it’ll be a while for that)

I have crossed 2 items off my list

#32 – try a yoga class at the gym and

# 33 – try one other class at the gym

Because Steve and I have canceled our membership. We do not go, we haven’t been in forever, and I don’t forsee us going back. Plus, its $90 a month we were totally wasting. I’m sad I had to say defeat on 2 of my list items, but the reality of me ever actually going to any kind of class at the gym was pretty minimal.

I wrote my brother a little letter (#7) – or postcard – when we were in Amish country! I think he’ll enjoy it. Its something different than a letter, but still its love from home.

While we were in Amish country Steve and I got took our good picture (#3) for the month!

Steve just HAD to have his picture taken by this sign. I love my husband.

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